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Dogs is a 2018 American documentary television series which premiered on Netflix. The series was released on November 16, 2018. It was created by Glen Zipper. The series explores the bond between dogs and humans. The first season contains six 50–53 minute episodes. Each episode, in different locations around the world, examines a facet of life in which dogs and humans interconnect, as well as the relationship between dogs and humans in different countries, cultures and people. In June 2019 it was announced that Dogs would return for a second season.

A member of the audience called scorpiogemini shared his/her toughts about DOGS in a review published for IMDB:

I was a bit perplexed and also felt decieved as this show claims to be about dogs. Its not. Its about the humans, and their attachments to their dogs. Yes its shot atmospheric and all but its only that. Nice atmospheric photage. There is almost nothing about the dogs per say. There is often not even real close ups on them. We don't even get to know them, we only get to know the humans and how and why they are attached. Corinns story is so moving. But the focus is not on the dog, at all. Overall, the episodes feals incomplete in some ways. Even when we get almost 1 hour per episode, its something missing in every one of them. For ex the one with the Japanese groomers. It felt like the episode was cut off. Like, we followed the episode, for what? In the end it felt just like an interview o the participants, sadly, because they were so interesting. The dogs are, not the foucus as said.. The second one with the refugee and the dog Zeus. Was hard to watch. I was taken a back at howAyham seems to care more about his dog then his family, mother and friends. Also, it was horrible to see how Najid was smooking in front of the dog in several scenes! He practically sticks the cigarett in the dogs nose! Thats terrible! What kind of an animal lovers iare thise people? One would not smooke or put a cigg close to the face of ones child right? Or I guess thise people would... And the camera crew is just ok with this? The only interesting episode was Ice in Italy. But they had just one great photage where the focus was on him, the last scenes where the dog is walking to the beach at night alone. More of that pleas. Overall, nice photage and quality camera work. Other then that, its documentary style series focus on humans, talking about their dogs.. I'm so disppointed as I always get with Netflix originals...


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General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Owner makes promises that he doesn't keep. Allows the business to look poorly but expects to draw in top end clients. Unrealistic business plan make this a poor business."

Pet Care Associate (Former Employee) says

"There was just no organization most of the time. Management would change the rules all the time, and too much favoritism. I really loved working with the dogs, it was the humans that were disappointing. Cons: Poor organization"

play group leader (Former Employee) says

"-Lots of cleaning involved"

Owner/ Operator (Former Employee) says

"On average each day was filled with excitement. From meeting nice people and watching not so nice people fight police... Cons: Rude customers"

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